Diagnostics/ Psychometric profiling

We firmly believe that the starting point for any personal development is self-awareness.

Being aware of current strengths and preferences – and identifying potential “stretch” zones – will enable the individual (and the organisation) to tailor development to suit specific needs and to identify points of difference and/ or potential conflict within teams or specific relationships.

Individual profiling can be achieved via:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Ability testing
  • Structured assessment/ development centres
  • Other (non-psychometric) profiling

In all cases our qualified team provides face-to-face feedback to delegates/ candidates in line with BPS recommendations.

The Portfolio team administers a range of current tools, including:

  • Saville & Holdsworth OPQ32©
  • OPP MBTI© (Myers Briggs) – Step 1 and 2
  • SDI 2.0©
  • A&DC© Assessment Centre Tests
  • Online 360° feedback (PD360©, Appraisal360©, CR360©)

We routinely use profiling to support individual/ top-team coaching assignments and mediation.                

Please contact us to discuss your profiling requirements.


Insightful, stretching and hugely motivational; made me sit up and think!!

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