Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a specific type of development which takes the form of a series of 1-2-1 conversations between a skilled coach and a leader. 

The coach aims to produce a facilitated conversation that will stimulate the leader to explore ideas and potential solutions with a confidential “sounding board” – a non-biased, independent resource.

Executive coaching is often used to:

  • Support the induction of executives into a new role or new organisation;
  • Develop alignment of behaviours with those required by the organisation/ role;
  • Accelerate the personal development of high-potential individuals;
  • Support senior leaders through organisational change;
  • Develop enhanced interpersonal skills and recognisable leadership “brand”.

Our team of qualified executive coaches have worked on a one-to-one basis with leaders and senior executives in the UK, Europe, USA and Middle East across a variety of organisations including logistics, construction, petro-chemicals, energy, retail, banking and not-for-profit sectors. Many of our coaches have 10,000+ hours of coaching experience, and all are handpicked for assignments.

Research has shown that the single most important factor for successful coaching is the quality of the coaching relationship; for this reason, we encourage the use of phone/ virtual interviews and/ or “chemistry” meetings in the matching process, and typically submit 3 coach profiles per assignment. (See CIPD's "Guide to Buying Coaching Services" for recommended approach to coach selection.)

Our assignments range from one-off individual packages and top-team assignments to in-company coaching programmes. How to get the most from executive coaching assignments.

To discuss your specific requirements and typical package structures, please call or contact us.

Executive Coaching Courses


Tutor's observations and insights enabled me to lift my coaching to new levels.

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