Reading List

Our books of the month - May 2019

"The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More and Change the Way you Lead Forever" - Michael Bungay Stanier

"New Coach" - Lis Paice

"Black Box Thinking" -  Matthew Syed

Some of our Coaching Favourites:

 "The Art of Coaching" - Jenny Bird & Sarah Gornall                                                                                
"Psychological Dimensions of Coaching" - Peter Bluckert
"Executive Coaching" - Catherine Sandler
"The Inner Game" - Tim Gallwey
"Coaching Skills - A Handbook" - Jenny Rogers
"Effective Modern Coaching" - Myles Downey
"Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching" - Anne Scoular
"The Tao of Coaching" - Landsberg

"With no attachment to the answer" - Bob Thomson



Our Leadership Top 10:

"Future, Engage, Deliver" - Steve Radcliffe
"Walk the Talk.. and get the results you want." - Eric Harvey & Alexander Lucia
"What got you here won't get you there" - Marshall Goldsmith
"Good to Great" - Jim Collins
"First Break all the Rules" - Marcus Buckingham
"Plain and Simple" - Steve Radcliffe
"The First 90 Days" - Michael Watkins
"Black Box Thinking" - Matthew Syed
"Primal Leadership" - Goleman, Boyatzis, McKee
"Why should anyone be led by you?" - Goffee and Jones

Bookshelf "Must-haves" - always worth another read!

"High Five!" - Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles
"The Secret" - Ken Blanchard & Mark Miller
"Our Iceberg is Melting" - John Kotter & Holger Rathgeber
"Gung Ho!" - Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles
"Who Moved My Cheese?" -Spencer Johnson
"The Little Saboteur" - Marco von Munchausen
"The Magic of Metaphor" - Nick Owen
"Pigeonholed in the land of penguins" - Barbara Hateley & Warren Schmidt
"The Really Good Fun Cartoon Book of NLP" - Philip Miller
"Tales for Coaching" - Margaret Parkin

As we come across new and interesting books we'll update the list; add this page to your Favourites and re-visit soon!



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