Coaching Supervision

Whilst there seems to be near-universal support (within the business coaching “world”) for the role and importance of supervision in coaching, there are numerous definitions and perspectives on what “it” is. For the purpose of clarity, we subscribe to Inskipp and Proctor's view that supervision is:

"A working alliance between two professionals where coaches offer an account of their work, reflect on it, receive feedback and receive guidance - if appropriate."

Increasingly, as part of coach selection, coaches are being asked to provide evidence of ongoing professional supervision, and all of the main coaching bodies (EMCC, ICF,AC, APECS) require members to receive and participate in regular, recognised coaching supervision from an experienced coach supervisor.

A key element of our coaching services is the provision of supervision to professional coaches; typical “packages” comprise a series of face-to-face or virtual sessions with an experienced coach-supervisor*, and includes “in-the-moment” support by email/ skype/ phone for those inevitable, unplanned situations. *Our coach-supervisors have 10,000+ hours of coaching experience, and typically 2,000+ hours of coach-supervision under their belts.

Our approach to supervision is to provide coaches with a combination of support, challenge and guidance, as well as a confidential “download” space which ensures that their clients receive a consistently high-quality, ethical coaching experience.

Our supervision arrangements vary from standard individual packages to in-company group supervision programmes and can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs.

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